Bigg Boss 10 episode 2: Om Swami gets into a fight with Lopamudra Raut and Akanksha Sharma. Swami later asks for forgiveness for his misogynist statements.

Celebrities ask Manoj that why isn’t he sleeping and create a fuss over it. Everyone wakes up in the morning. Om Swami compliments Mona Lisa that she dances really well. Manoj tells Karan that the food they are making is really bad. He uses the word ‘vaahiyat’. Karan and Manu (Manoj) get into a fight. Navin asks Manu that have you ever seen celebrities fighting with each other? To which Manoj replies that they are educated people and we are illiterates, as at least this is what they are portraying on screen. Manu, Navin, Manveer and Priyanka discuss how celebrities behave in the kitchen.

Priyanka orders Bani around to which Bani says she didn’t hear her instructions and tells her she can repeat it after adding the word ‘please’ to it. Priyanka gets angry and refers to the rule book. She tells Bani that they do not need to speak the ‘please’ world while ringing the bell for calling a Sevak.

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