Bigg Boss 10 has sure started off with a bang and is now on an important turn. Presently, the inmates are at loggerheads at each other. Om Swami created a huge furore in the house after interfering with the tasks of inmates in the glass walled house. Well, well, well the matter will be escalated in the house again and this time it will be because of Swami Om’s antics. Rohan, Lopa get into a fight with Om Swami again and we are scared that they will get physical again.

Rohan and his fans are very unhappy that Bigg Boss did not take his side but behaved partially with Om Swami. Manveer Singh Gurjar has been given a new task with his inmates. Oh yes, there is going to be a lot of tamasha in the house as Bani J and Manu Punjabi get into huge fight as the latter accuses the former that she escalated the matter when Swami cursed her mom only for publicity.

In today’s episode, Manveer will put Swami om and Gaurav Chopra in jail and there will be a new task introduced in the house where Bigg Boss will create a faux court drama and inmates will hurl accusations at each other. Bani and Manu will openly fight as the latter will accuse the VJ of garnering publicity by getting angry by Om Swami’s derogatory remarks about her mom. Lopa and Rohan will lash out at Om Swami again and may even hit him, again! Despite getting treated outside the house, Swami Om will cause more trouble for inmates inside the house.

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